The intelligent low cost deck footer footing form for construction tube formed in-ground concrete column foundations across North America since 1996.

The one size 8 X 24 inch, 2.5 lb, flexible recycled plastic Redibase Form fits all 8, 10 and 12 inch concrete tubes and requires only 2 cu ft of concrete to fill.
Recycled plastic Redibase Footing Forms are the cost effective solution to a long lasting, trouble free, exterior structure. Redibase equipped in-ground columns will not sink, tilt or frost heave and provide a strong, stable building platform for a multitude of uses including decks, porches, verandahs, gazebos, add-ons, outbuildings etc.
Economical, recycled plastic Redibase forms attach to construction qiuck tubes with duct tape in seconds, no tools required, no rings to cut off. Redibase forms facilitate the logistically superior, time and money saving one day, one concrete pour, (one piece column and footing) system.
The super tough, taped tube/Redibase joint and its industry unique, overall unit flexibility, eliminates the need for crushed stone or excessive hand shovelling, levelling in all but the roughest of excavations.

Our footing form has been hydraulically tested and is approved for use by Wedler Engineering Co, Tacoma Engineering Co and Hallam Associates. Redibase complies with National building codes in the US (BOCA 96), Canada (NBCC 95) and the International building code (IBC 2000). We use only post consumer materials in their fabrication.

Industry approved and ready to go. Check with your local suppliers for Redibase Construction Tube Footings.

Simple and easy to use. Our forms have been an industry standard since 1996. Made with 100% recycled materials.

Our deck footer forms can be used by everyone from the professional contractor to the casual do-it-yourselfer.

Do it right, right from the start with a solid, stable foundation. Use tested Redibase Construction Tube Footing Forms.